Key Benefits of Trade school

Are you thinking to enhance your skills or education, but the 4-year traditional degree is not flexible for you? Then, attending a trade school is the best option. Vocational degrees take less time and provide you with hands-on experience that helps you get a job quickly.
Let us explore more about trade schools and talk about their benefits as well as setbacks. Please read the article carefully as it will address all your queries related to trade schools and vocational degrees

What is a Trade School?

A trade school is also known as a post-secondary institution, vocational school, or a technical school. These schools focus on the individuals’ technical and communication skills to prepare them for a specific occupation.
Trade schools offer many different training programs for becoming Electriation, AC technician, Computer Operator, dental assistants, sterile processing technicians, veterinary assistants, and administrative assistants. The program duration varies, but they ideally range from eight months to two years.
In a four-year program, you get a bachelor’s degree, but when you enroll in trade schools, you get a diploma or a certificate that acknowledges your program’s completion.

Educational Outcomes

You can directly get hired after you get the certificate in your respective field. For example, you completed the medical assisting program. You are eligible to work as a medical assistant.
Here are some of the jobs you can do with a degree from a trade school:
• Electrician
• Dental hygienist
• Plumber
• Nurse
Office Clerk
• Graphic Designer
• Computer technician
• Marine mechanic
• Construction manager
• Massage therapist
• Surgical Technologists
• Pharmacy technician

Trade Schools, Community Colleges and Four-Year Degree Collages

Before deciding what you need to pursue, it is essential to know the differences between different educational institutions. Let us have a detailed view of the various study options that you have.

Trade School

The study duration at a trade school is shorter, up to 2 years’ maximum. Trade schools focus on providing practical experience to the students to help them work in their job place. After completion of the course, you are eligible to challenge the national certification exam to become certified by passing the credentialing examination.
Trade schools/Vocational schools in Chicago focus on providing in-demand career options for the students so that they can get jobs as soon as they complete their education at vocational schools.

Community School

Community schools give you an associate’s degree after two years of education. After completing the degree, community schools provide diplomas or certifications.
Students with high school education or 18 years of age can get admission to community schools.

Four-Year Colleges

The four-year degree is usually known as a traditional degree. You get a bachelor’s degree after completing four years of education. After getting a bachelor’s degree, you go to a graduate’s school like medical or dental school for further studies.
Four-year colleges focus more on academic studies rather than giving hands-on experience to the students

Advantages of Trade Schools

Let us look at some advantages of attending trade schools.

Flexible Timing

The benefit of opting for a trade school is that trade schools have more flexible timings and the completion period is less the traditional degrees. The shorter course duration means more immediate job opportunities and lesser cost and loans.

Usually, the study duration in trade school could take eight months to two years. Whereas getting a degree from a community college usually takes two years, and getting a traditional degree normally takes at least four years, and some time students need a fifth or sixth year to get their degrees.

No Traditional Requirements

If you are thinking to join a trade school, you do not have to worry about the application process as the application requirements are less demanding at a trade school.

Hands-on Training

Trade schools provide hands-on training that will help you get an immediate job. Four-year degree programs focus more on academic learning than on providing work experience. You may face problems when finding a job due to a lack of practical experience.
After graduation from a trade school, you will quickly get a job in your specific area as these schools provide practical skills.

Job Opportunities

Trade schools usually teach professions that are high in demand. Hence, there are several job opportunities for them with a handsome amount of salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay for dental hygienists was $78,820 in 2018. Whereas according to research, the median starting salary for four-year, traditional degree graduates was $50,004 for students from the class of 2018. A clear difference in wages is prominent when both are compared

Disadvantages of Attending a Trade School

With several benefits, there are some drawbacks to attending a trade school. Let us look at the disadvantages now.

You will Miss the Traditional College Experience.

At trade schools, there are no extracurricular activities and very less social interaction. At a four-year college degree program, you can enjoy many different things, such as attend campus parties, go on trips, and take part in sports.
Much of the training you do at a traditional college involves attending lectures by famous academics off-campus to help you interact with different people and become socially active.

At a trade school, the main goal is to provide job-based training. Their goal is turning you into an experienced individual rather than involving you in extra activities.

Job Flexibility

Trade schools prepare you for specific jobs only, but with degree programs, you can have more career opportunities and employment options. For example, if you get a degree as a sterile processing technician, you will only become a sterile processing technician without having a lot of job opportunities. For example, people who complete their MBBS from a medical college have many opportunities as they can work as Hospital Administration, Medical Teacher/ Professor, Public Health Workers, Health / Medical Journalism and Medical Writing, Clinical Forensic, Medical Examiner, and Medico-Legal Advisor. Etc.
With a degree from a four-year college, you have more choices. There are jobs related to sales, education, and consulting jobs that the four-year college graduates can pursue.


After completing a four-year college degree, you can go for further studies in different professional schools such as or medical schools. You can earn more and have job security with advanced degrees. [Professionally explain in a way that student – currently sentence end abnormally]

Your Choice: A Trade School or a Four-Year College?

Choosing between a trade school and a four-year college program can be challenging. If you are financially weak or do not want to take government loans, then attending a trade school is the best option for you. Trade schools will save you a fortune as well as give you an adequate amount of training that will help you perform better in the job market.

Many options need to be considered before choosing your further studies. As addressed earlier, traditional schools give more space for social interaction and involve you in off-campus activities. A trade school is a better option if you do not have enough time and want to get a job ASAP. Some students do not like the schedules of traditional schools and are keen to have exposure to the hands-on experience; that is why traditional degrees are not a good option for them.

How to Apply to a Trade School?

The application process for trade schools is quite simple. Most of them have the option of submitting an online application, while for others, you can contact them and ask their policy. Mostly there are no deadlines, and you can apply whenever you want. After the application is submitted, you are called for an interview by the authorities. The interviews are mainly for addressing your queries and choosing the field you should pursue in the future.

As of now, you are familiar with what exactly Trade Schools are, it is time to choose a field you are willing to pursue. GOODLUCK and make the right choice.