Dialysis Technologist with Phlebotomy Technician

A dialysis technologist with a phlebotomy technician works under the supervision of registered nurses. He/she performs both the duties of patient and equipment care. The duties as the dialysis technologist include assisting the kidney patients during the process of dialysis, looking after the machinery, administering their medication process, and maintaining records. The duties as the phlebotomy technician include evaluation of the patients’ health before dialysis, taking blood samples, and preparing specimens for testing.

Students are also trained with knowledge & skills in the field of Phlebotomy. In addition to Dialysis Certification eligibility, graduates of this program will also be eligible to take the National Certification exam in Phlebotomy to become certified Phlebotomist.

Dialysis Technologist with Phlebotomy Technician

Hemodialysis or dialysis is a medical procedure in which waste products and extra free water are removed from the blood when the kidneys are in a state of kidney failure (kidneys are not functioning normally). Hemodialysis technicians are responsible for operating the dialysis machines and monitoring the patients undergoing treatment. Therefore Dialysis Technicians have both patient and equipment care responsibilities. During treatment, the blood travels through tubes from the patient’s body into the dialysis machine. While the blood is in the machine, it goes through a filter called a dialyzer, which removes waste and extra fluid. Once blood has been cleaned, it travels through tubes from the dialysis machine back into patient’s body.

Dialysis is usually administered either in the hospitals or in specially equipped dialysis centers. Most dialysis technicians are employed by hospitals, hospital outpatient clinics or dialysis centers. The Dialysis technicians are supervised by registered nurses.

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Entry Requirement:

Applicants may enroll on any school day. At the time of enrollment the applicant will be informed of the next start date. Applicants are accepted on the basis of personal interview, testing, and suitability for the required training program. A high school diploma, General Education Diploma, or High School Proficiency are not required for entrance into a program; however, obtaining one is strongly encouraged. Title IV recipients must have a high school diploma or GED. An applicant must be beyond the age of compulsory school attendance in California. If a student is from another country, no Visa services are provided. The institution will not vouch for student status or any associated charges. The student shall demonstrate English proficiency by providing a United States High School Diploma or by achieving a score of 200 Verbal on the “Wonderlic Basic Skills” assessment. Stellar Career College has the sole discretion and right to accept and enroll students into a program.

Additional requirements for MRI, Radiology, DMS, NICVS, and Surgical Programs:

Applicants who don’t have at least 30 college credits will have to take and pass a free placement test of Stellar Career College to qualify for the admission into MRI, Radiology, DMS, NICVS, or Surgical program. Placement test can be taken online or at the College campus by appointment.

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Program Highlights:

Course Duration
8 months
Clock Hours
Study Method
On-Campus & Online Classes.

Program Completion:

Graduates who will pass all courses included in the program as per college’s Satisfactory Academic Requirements and fulfill their financial obligation towards the college will receive a Certificate of Completion. Graduates may be eligible to challenge national certification exam to become certified by passing the credentialing examination provided they meet all additional requirements of the credentialing agency including but not limited to the background check requirements. Please check credentialing eligibility requirements by contacting the credentialing agency directly.

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