Echocardiography / Noninvasive Cardiovascular Sonographer

Echocardiography is also known as Non-invasive Cardiovascular Sonography (NICVS) is involved in medical imaging of the heart and blood vessels. This program provides information related to the functioning of the heart and blood vessels. NICVS makes it easier to diagnose heart diseases. This program gives an understanding of how the technology involved in Echocardiography works.


Echocardiography / Noninvasive Cardiovascular Sonographer

Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Sonography (NICVS), also called Echocardiography (or Echo), is a diagnostic modality used for medical imaging of heart & blood vessels. It is a powerful tool that can offer a wealth of information about the human heart and peripheral blood vessels. Echocardiography (cardiac ultrasound) is performed by using a specialized scanner called transducer (or probe) which is connected with the echo machine. The transducer, after attaching to the skin of the chest, produces high frequency sound waves (ultrasound) which are transmitted into the human body. These ultrasound waves reflect from heart/blood vessels to the transducer. From transducer the sound waves are then transformed into images on the screen of echo machine. These cardiovascular images provide valuable information for diagnosing and treating variety of heart and blood vessels diseases. Therefore Cardiovascular Sonography has become the most widely used imaging modality in modern medicine and it will continue to expand. The Program offers an in-depth explanation of how Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Sonography works.

Program Objectives

  • Learn how to operate the machine
  • Learn how to enter patient information
  • Learn how to adjust depth measurement
  • Learn how to adjust frequency
  • Learn how to demonstrate indicator orientation
  • Learn how to save images
  • Learn how to establish objective criteria
  • Learn how to position the patient for the specific test
  • Learn the basic introduction to accreditation bodies
  • Learn the standards for ultrasound QC (quality control)

More Information

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Program Completion:

A diploma will be awarded to those students who will successfully complete all required courses as per college’s Satisfactory Academic Requirements and fulfill their financial obligation towards the college.

To become eligible to challenge national certification exam to become Registered Cardiac Sonographer (RCS) through Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI), students have to complete the following requirements:

  • Complete Stellar Career College’s Echocardiography / Noninvasive Cardiovascular Sonographer.
  • Must demonstrate competency in formal classroom education (didactic coursework), and program’s clinical requirements.
  • CCI enforces high standards of ethics and professional conduct. Students must comply with everything in the CCI Standards of Ethics, including the Rules of Ethics. You must notify CCI of any ethics violations within 30 calendar days of their occurrence, Applicants who don’t follow these rules might become ineligible. Several types of misconduct, charges, and convictions may violate CCI’s Rules of Ethics. For further details on this matter, please refer to CCI’s handbook that is available at

Admission Requirements:

Applicants may enroll on any school day. At the time of enrollment the applicant will be informed of the next start date. Applicants are accepted on the basis of personal interview, testing, and suitability for the required training program. A high school diploma, General Education Diploma, or High School Proficiency are not required for entrance into a program; however, obtaining one is strongly encouraged. Title IV recipients must have a high school diploma or GED. An applicant must be beyond the age of compulsory school attendance in California.

  • Applicants must complete an application for admission
  • Applicants should schedule an appointment for an application interview
  • Applicants must complete a nationally recognized basic skills assessment or have a High School diploma
  • Applicants must complete and sign an enrollment agreement

Additional Requirements:

Applicants who do not have at least 30 college credits will have to take and pass the Entrance Exam provided by Stellar Career College to qualify for admission into MRI, Radiology, DMS, NICVS, or Surgical programs. The Entrance Exam can be taken online.


Stellar Career College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), 2101 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 302, Arlington, VA 22201, telephone 703-247-4212. ACCSC is a US Department of Education approved accrediting Agency.

IBHE Approval:

Stellar Career College, Chicago, Illinois location is approved by the “Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education”. For more information on IBHE approval, you may contact the Illinois Board of Higher Education, Private Business and Vocational Schools at 1 N. Old State Capital Plaza Suite 333 Springfield, IL 62701-1404 phone number (217) 782-2551 or

Program Highlights:

Course Duration
18 months
Clock Hours

Program Format:

The College will offer this program in on-ground format as well as in hybrid format in which students can take up to 45% of the courses using online delivery method.

Program Curriculum:

BIO101 Basic Medical Terminology

CCT101 Cardiotech I

BIO103 Fundamentals of Pharmacology

BIO 104 Healthcare Laws and Ethics

BIO 105 Patient Care in Imaging

CCT102 Cardiotech II

BIO 107 Imaging Pathology

ECO 111 Fundamentals of Echocardiography I

ECO 112 Sonographic Imaging I

ECO 113 Ultrasound Physics I

ECO 114 Fundamentals of Echocardiography II

ECO 115 Sonographic Imaging II

ECO 116 Ultrasound Physics II

ECO 121 Externship I

ECO 122 Externship II

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