What skills do I need to work effectively as an administrative assistant?

Organizing and effectively managing the workplace tasks are the skills required from administrative assistants. Businesses are always in search of applicants with administrative skills. Administrative assistants are a foundational part of any workplace and are highly necessary for running businesses smoothly. Managing day-to-day administrative tasks add value to the job in ways that make them essential for an organization’s success.

Administrative assistants need to be vigilant and well prepared to cope with challenging situations. In today’s digital world, administrative assistants are high in demand in every industry.
In this article, you will learn what skills you require to become an expert administrative assistant, what are the occupational outcomes and what is the job outlook for this profession.

What Skills Do Administrative Assistants Need?

Listed below are the admin assistant’s skills that will prove to be useful to excel in any job environment.

Administrative Assistant Technical Skills

Basic computer knowledge in the workplace has become a necessity. A strong background in Microsoft Office programs is indispensable for those in administrative roles. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Outlook form the basis of many business communications and processes. The administrative assistant must possess full command on the Microsoft office programs and project management tools used in the organization.

Communication Skills

Communication is a must-have skill in almost every field. Communication skills, both written and oral, are essential for administrative roles. The company hires people with a friendly attitude. One of the administrative assistant’s responsibilities is to handle the clients when they enter the workplace. Administrative assistants need business communication skills to communicate with various clients, suppliers, colleagues, and senior management. Strong written communication skills help to write workplace messages, emails, draft letters, speeches, or memos for the executive.

Time Management Skills

Time is Money. The administrative assistant needs to have time management skills, as well. Good time management will help the administrative assistant achieve his/her goals effectively in a short period. Effective time management will lower the overall stress and lead them towards a successful career. Also, managing your time effectively time will help administrative assistants to become well-organized. Being punctual and vigilant will help you achieve excellence in your profession.

Planning & Multitasking Skills

Administrative assistants need to manage things ahead of time. You should prioritize the office work, set goals, and complete them on time. You should manage multiple tasks at a time, such as scheduling appointments, answering phone calls, mailing, expense reporting, and data entry.

Problem-Solving Skills

To be an Administrative assistant, you need to have problem-solving skills and focus on critical thinking. You will have the responsibility of solving and answering the queries of the clients. You are required to be an issue solver and a decision-maker on your feet. Modern workplaces require people with incredible problem-solving abilities.

Data Entry Skills

The administrative assistants are also required to manage the data. Data entry is also a highly desired skill. You need to use data effectively and learn to use database software’s to find records, review, edit, and print them. You should be able to organize and manage online accounts. Employers are looking for candidates who are confident in their ability to collect and manage data.

Multi-Dimensional Abilities

Knowing about Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel is a must-have skill for administrative assistant’s career, but knowing how to run virtual meetings, organize newsletters, and create PowerPoint presentations puts you above the rest. Managers and executives value assistants who know how to use accounting, payroll, and HR applications. An administrative assistant with working knowledge of social media is a huge asset in today’s world.

These days most businesses rely on communicating with the customers through online medium. Therefore, it is becoming essential for organizations to have a social media presence which will enable them to personally connect and engage audiences. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ are common social media platforms for businesses. Communication via social media can help foster the business’s public image and connection with potential clients.

What Are The Occupational Outcomes?

These are some occupational outcomes/jobs that required the skills mentioned above.
• Administrative Assistant
• Customer Service
• General Clerical
• Secretary
• Data Entry Specialist
• Receptionist
• Clerk Typist/Assistant
• Data Processing Clerks

What is the difference between Administrative and Medical Assistants?

Medical assistants assist in medical procedures such as assisting the physicians, examining the patients for any vital signs, and giving minor treatments. On the other hand, Administrative assistants perform administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, medical billing, and recording medical histories of the patients.

Medical assisting is also one of the promising careers in the field of medicine which is why many states in the US offer medical assisting programs and certification which will lead you towards a successful future.

What is the job scope for Administrative Assistants?

The job scope for administrative assistants is expected to grow in the upcoming years as the demand for employees who efficiently manage the workplaces and perform clerical as well as administrative duties is increasing day by day.

Do You Want To Boost Your Career Potential?

Skills are a form of currency in the working world, and administrative skills are most in-demand. Companies are looking for resource staff that has an impact on the business’s productivity. A skilled person has more chances of employment as compared to an unskilled one. Anyone who adapts these skills will have a bright future. If you want to gain a competitive edge and stand out in the crowd, you must hold the skills mentioned above.

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