What Are X-Ray Technicians?

Job Outlook for Radiologic Technologists

Radiology is one of the faster-growing occupations for employment. The overall employment for Radiologic Technologists is projected to grow 9 percent from 2018 to 2028.”As the population grows older, there will be an increase in medical conditions that require imaging as a tool for diagnosis” (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics).

What do Radiologic Technologists do?

 Radio technologists create images of patients’ bodies using medical equipment. Capturing those images will help the doctor diagnose the disease or the injury. The different medical equipment used as a radiologic technologist depends on your specialty. You could also help physicians perform procedures (like angioplasty or stent insertion) to treat heart and blood vessel diseases without surgery.

 You can either work in a hospital, physician’s office, outpatient care center, or laboratory. You’ll split your work between interaction with patients and technological work.No matter your specialty, you’ll be an important part of a medical team. Your work will help uncover health problems and could ultimately save lives. No two days will be the same, every day will be a new experience to learn from.

Advantages of Radiology

Radiology has the ability of determining when surgeries are necessary, improving cancer treatment and diagnosis, and many more. But the real magic in radiology is the ability of it to save peoples lives. There are many stories out there of radiologists saving peoples lives, not by using the machine, but by the radiologist being sharp and open-minded. You may read some of these stories by visiting the sites linked below. 

The employment opportunities are increasing for radiologic techs, the job security is very high. And you could also work in a variety of settings, there is no same expectations for each workday, each workday is different and holds different tasks. Becoming a radiologic technician holds a healthy future.