Why Medical Assistants Are Important Healthcare Team Members & Associated Benefits

Medical Assistants are often one of the most crucial members of a healthcare team be it a hospital or a clinic. Medical Assistants are involved with interacting directly with patients, assisting healthcare providers in their duties, and making sure the medical office/clinic/hospital department is running smoothly.

Here are some highlighted facts and benefits that Medical Assistants usually experience:

  1. Medical Assistant Training is Relatively Short: Often times Medical Assistant training programs range from 8-12 months long. This means that you will be able to join the job force relatively quickly and also start being able to support yourself sooner.
  2. Medical Assistants Can be Employed in a Variety of Healthcare Settings: One of the most beneficial aspects of being a Medical Assistant is that you can be hired by organizations such as a medical office, a medical clinic, or even a hospital. This allows you to pick and choose what type of setting you want and also allows you to maneuver through different healthcare settings with ease until you find the right fit for you.
  3. Medical Assistants Have Multiple Roles: As a Medical Assistant you will always have new and exciting things to fill your day. Medical Assistants get the chance to directly work with patients as well as assisting other healthcare providers in fulfilling their duties (such as procedures etc). Furthermore, because of the duality of Medical Assistants, they are both part of the healthcare team and the administration team thus team working and communication skills are heavily improved.
  4. Medical Assistants Are In High Demand: Medical Assistants throughout the nation are in high demand because of the essential services they provide to healthcare teams and patients. This can mean competitive wages and job security

These facts and also others are mentioned in a very interesting article (linked below) that discussed the importance of Medical Assistants and the benefits of being a Medical Assistant