SonoSim Ultrasound Training Program Key Features

Sonosim Ultrasound Training

Improving education quality should be the utmost priority of the educational institutions. It is important to adapt to new ways of teaching as it will benefit the students and help them reach new heights in their careers. This modern era demands for modern and advanced ways in every aspect of life. Hence, it is important to go with the pace and learn to use new technology as well as make it a part of our daily lives.

Let’s explore how technology works for us in medical fields.

SonoSim Ultrasound Software

Stellar Career College is glad to introduce the SonoSim Ultrasound Training software that will provide a complete solution for your ultrasound or sonography related experience. Almost, 1250 institutions trust SonoSim and have been using it worldwide. SonoSim is popular among programs like Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (DMS) and Echocardiography/Noninvasive Cardiovascular Sonographer (NICVS). Stellar Career College will provide you a whole new experience of learning and training that you won’t regret in the coming years.

How this Software Works?

All instructors and students who have enrolled in the respective programs will be given individual Sonography probes and software that will easily connect with smart-phones and laptops. Their devices will work as Sonography machines. These probes are connected to the SonoSim servers where students can store, compare, contrast, and improve their scanned images with similar images produced by the professionals.

When Can I Access It?

Stellar Career College provides with subscription to SonoSim software, these tools are available to students and instructors 24 hours a day. They can easily login through the comfort of their homes and can access their data whenever they need it.

How Sonosim is Beneficial for Students?

• This software will improve the students’ clinical diagnostic ability
• It will teach them patient management
• It will instruct the learners to acquire, interpret, and integrate ultrasound imagery towards medical decision making
• It will save the students’ time as all the required information would be manageable and accessible at one place
• It will teach and assess a variety of ultrasound-guided procedures
• Learners can also build individual e-portfolios of performance and saved ultrasound scans to demonstrate ultrasound experience and proficiency, address graduate medical education milestones, or address future credentialing requirements
• The learners can answer a variety of knowledge assessment questions and receive feedback with explanations from their instructors.

How Sonosim Beneficial for Instructors?

• It allows instructors and system administrators an interface to monitor and assess the performance of their students
• It has an ultrasound scanning tasks Performance Tracker that comes equipped with exportable reports and curriculum integration tools, such as SonoSim Course Outlines and Module Assignments
• The instructors have the capability to provide feedback directly to learners on their saved ultrasound images from the SonoSimulator.
• The instructors can assess learners’ knowledge and skills competency by reviewing the ultrasound images saved during SonoSimulator hands-on scanning sessions

Why did Stellar Career College opt for SonoSim?

It is a computer-based training program that covers 65+ topics in a modular format. It is virtual hands-on training software that will make your online teaching experience worth and comfortable. SonoSim has the largest collection of real-patient ultrasound training cases in the world. The SonoSim Ultrasound Training Solution can easily meet individual training needs for practicing physicians, DMS students, nursing programs, medical schools, residency programs, and simulation centers.
After the completion of this course, learners will take a final Mastery Test for immediate scoring. All questions follow the best practice guidelines set forth by the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME), the writers of the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE).

Get Admission Now!

SonoSim is famous among many renowned universities worldwide. Hence, Stellar Career College is happy to give this opportunity to its students in Chicago, so that they can increase their job prospects even in this critical period of the pandemic. Avail this opportunity and experience this learning process from the convenience of your homes just by connecting through your smart screens.