Reasons to Become a Healthcare Worker

As many of you already know the path to become a healthcare provider is often long and difficult but worth it. Often times one’s morale is lowered-in times like these I think about the reasons I chose this path. It’s always nice to take some time to reevaluate your motivations and reasons for becoming a healthcare worker and every single time I do this, I leave more motivated before.

While we live through a pandemic we are reminded every day how fragile humans can be and also how important healthcare workers are when ensuring the safety of those around us, especially our loved ones. This is a huge motivator for me because my education and training will allow me to be a professional that can assist people in the most harrowing times of their lives.

On that same note,here is a very insightful article I read (linked below) that brings to light some of these reasons why becoming a healthcare worker is my dream.