MRI Simulator New Training Tools ; MRI Tech. School & Program

Stellar Career College has recently acquired a subscription to an online MRI Simulator package for its Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Technologist training program. This MRI Simulator package is used by some of the best MRI Technician schools & programs within the United States. 

All students and instructors in MRI diploma programs are provided a login account to this MRI Simulator. Students can use their smart-phones and/or laptops to log in to the MRI Simulator. Once logged in, these devices(smart-phones and/or laptops) then enable students to run MRI scanning protocols just like they are operating a real MRI machine. Students can store, compare, contrast, and improve their scanned images with similar images produced by the professionals. Through Stellar’s subscription to this technology, this MRI Simulator is available to students and instructors 24 hours a day, at the convenience of their homes, so they can master their scanning skills. This product has been used in well-known institutions of higher education across the country.

Stellar Career College offers MRI Technician Program here in Chicago! Our MRI technician program is a hybrid program that offers a flexible mode of learning to our students.

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