Health Care Occupations That Will Make You a Vital Member of the Healthcare Society

With the increasing health issues, the need for healthcare employees is increasing day by day. According to the s, Labor  Labor of Bureau Statistic the demand for health care occupations is going to increase much faster than other occupations from 2018 to 2028.

The aging population requires medical attention 24/7 which is the reason there is a huge demand for different medical professions. Several healthcare occupations are available that will make you a vital member of the health care society.

Laboratory Technology Programs

Not all medical programs require direct interaction with the patients. Some programs prepare you to work in the labs by giving hands-on training. Although you won’t get to communicate with the patients, still you would be an essential part of the healthcare institution you will join.

Sterile Processing Technician

Become eligible to be a sterile processing technician by getting admission in the 12-months program that will provide training to keep the surgical equipment and machinery up-to-date and in working condition. SPTs can work in various departments including hospitals, laboratories, and clinics.

Sterile Processing Technician Course Features

In this course, the students will learn the techniques of decontamination and sterilization of equipment. They will study microbiology and infection control. They will get an understanding of anatomy, safety and risk management, and memorize surgical terminologies.

Sterile Processing Tech Job Duties:

As a sterile processing technician, you are responsible for disinfecting surgical tools, manage the supplies, and check the availability of the tools before the surgery takes place.

Patient Facing Technology Program

Patient-doctor interaction is essential to treat the patients properly. Mostly, the medical professions require you to know your patients personally to provide them with appropriate treatment. For example, dental assistants not only assist the dentists but play a crucial role in comforting the patients and preparing them for the medical procedures.

Surgical Technologist

This 12-months program will make you eligible to work with the surgical team in any healthcare institution. Purse this promising career and earn an average amount of $48,300 per year.

Surgical Technologist Course Features

You will come across subjects like medical terminology, human anatomy, pharmacology, microbiology, and immunology. Individuals will get the basic knowledge of surgical instruments, aseptic techniques, draping techniques, and surgical site management.

Surgical Tech Job Duties

Surgical technologists assist surgeons and work under their supervision. They maintain the surgery room and prepare for the surgeries. Surgical technologists are also known as scrubs, scrub technicians, surgical technicians, and operating room technicians

Echocardiography/Noninvasive Cardiovascular Sonographer

Get to know the functioning of the human heart through echocardiography. As a non-invasive cardiovascular sonographer, you will diagnose heart-related diseases and interact with heart patients

Echocardiography/Noninvasive Cardiovascular Sonographer Course Features

This program gives an understanding of how the technology involved in Echocardiography works. You will learn to operate the transducer that produces medical images. These cardiovascular images provide valuable information for diagnosing and treating a variety of heart and blood vessel diseases.

Echocardiography/Noninvasive Cardiovascular Sonographer Job Duties

Echo cardiographs perform the tests. They analyze the condition of the heart by checking the blood flow and functioning. They also work with the physicians when examining the patients

Dental assistant

Become a dental assistant and assist dentists in different healthcare centers. All you need to do is, graduate from an accredited medical school or have job experience depending on the requirements of your state.

Dental assistant Course Features

This program will introduce you to dentistry and dental assisting skills. The course covers the basics of dental anatomy, tooth morphology, dental radiography, teeth as well as gum diseases, infection control management, chair-side assisting procedures, dental hygiene, and patient education

Dental assistant Job Duties

A dental assistant helps with a variety of health care tasks, from taking dental x-rays and caring for patients, to helping file records and appointment scheduling. They sterilize dental equipment and provide patient care. They collect medical histories and keep their record. They keep a check on dental supplies and maintain the inventory.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Individuals who enroll in this program will be eligible to challenge the national certification exam to become certified by passing the credentialing examination. Get the experience you need to compete in the job environment just in 15 months.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Course Features

Diagnostic medical sonographers perform sonography also known as ultrasound. This program helps to give an in-depth understanding of the technology and processes involved in sonography ultrasound.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Job Duties

They assist physicians and work under their guidance. They have to perform accurate ultrasound tests.

Dialysis Technologist with Phlebotomy Technician

Complete the training as a dialysis technologist with a phlebotomy technician in 8 months and help kidney patients to live a healthy life.

Dialysis technologist Course Features

You are going to expertise in taking blood samples, maintaining records, and managing the dialysis process.

Dialysis technologist Job Duties

Dialysis Technologists with phlebotomy technicians share the responsibility of both patient and equipment. They check whether the dialysis machine is in working condition as well as assist in handling the patients’ blood samples.

Medical Assisting with Phlebotomy Technician

The employment of medical assistants is expected to grow 19 percent and the employment of phlebotomists is estimated to grow 17 percent from 2019 to 2029. Be an experienced medical assisting with phlebotomy technician within 8-months and pursue this well-paid career.

Medical Assisting with Phlebotomy Technician Course Features

The program curriculum consists of medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology, fundamentals of pharmacology, microbiology, and immunology. The course also covers medical records, insurance, patient preparation, and laboratory procedures. Students are also given the knowledge & skills in the field of Phlebotomy.

Medical Assistants Job Duties

They work with phlebotomy technicians and record the patients’ pulse rate, blood pressure, height, and weight. They also keep a record of their medical histories.

Medical Assisting with Radiographic X-ray Technician

Medical assistants with radiographic x-ray technicians are responsible for clinical and administrative tasks. This program will provide you hands-on training and improve your communication skills.

Medical Assisting with Radiographic X-ray Technician Course Features

The program curriculum consists of medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology, fundamentals of pharmacology, microbiology, and immunology. Students are given the basic knowledge of medical equipment as well as patient care management. The program also offers knowledge of radiography.

Medical Assisting with Radiographic X-ray Technician Job Duties

They are responsible for attending the patients, scheduling appointments, preparing the x-ray equipment to take radiograph the required body parts. They also look for vital signs in the patients, interview them, and take a personal and social history.

MRI Technologists

Become an experienced MRI technologist in 18 months and learn to handle imaging scanners through hands-on training offered at different accredited medical schools in your state.

MRI Technologist Course Features

The MRI Program offers an in-depth study of how MRI works. This course gives a basic introduction to MR imaging and assists students with the general overview of the didactic components as well as helps in acquiring clinical knowledge required for certification.

MRI Technologist Job Duties

MRI technologists maintain imaging equipment. They attend the patients and answer their questions as well as keep a record of their history. They help in positioning the patients and the equipment to ensure the image that is produced is clear and visible. They analyze the images and work side by side with the physicians.

Radio Technologist

Pursue the career of a Radio Technologist that according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, is expected to increase 9% from 2018 to 2028. You will learn to deal with imaging technology and x-rays.

Radio Technologist Course Features

This program prepares individuals to provide medical imaging services to patients. You will study applied anatomy, physiology, patient positioning, radiologic technique, radiation biology, safety, and emergency procedures, equipment operation, and maintenance. You will also learn about quality assurance, patient education, and medical imaging/radiologic services management.

Radio Technologist Job Duties

Radio technologists are responsible for the radiologic machinery. They maintain the equipment, check if there any repairs are needed, and order new supplies when necessary.